Thursday, May 5, 2011


So... Looks like i'm going to start BLOGGING! Lets all say it together, "HOLLLLLLLA" ;) lol.
WELLLL as you all know I am not a computer savvy person at ALL but I am totally learning on the way. I think i'm going to start just blogging ON EVERYTHING. Well things that I feel like sharing with you that is...

I think I will start posting reviews and stuff more in dept here as well! What do yall think? Maybe on stuff about being a mommy and a full time HOUSE wife haha... well that will change soon. Your girl Melisa is waiting on acceptance at University Of Florida! Fingers crossed that this GIRRRRRL get accepted ;)

WELL its late as balls and is super random that I am even blogging lol...
so going to bed


comment if youd like me to start blogging more!


  1. Yessss become a blogger so you can give me another reason to sit on the computer longer lol. My friend has a fashion and food blog and I love reading hers and the other bloggers she follows. Blogs are where it's at! But anyway... good luck wit that college application girl! I'm continuing college this fall, I can't wait :) Let us know if you get accepted!

  2. Yea thats great I know you can do great post.I like blogs better for me is a great way to express my self and met other people from around the world. I even look to blogs fro fashion inspiration. Those are the real people....
    Looking forward to read your post.

    Can u Follow?

  3. ooh im excited! great to see another mommy on board the blogger're da best!

  4. yay!!I just started watching you on youtube all thanks to heart's favorite of the month! Yes, U should def keep the blog!

  5. you look like you are on your way to bcoming a blogger. 2 entries and 46 followers and growing as probably as i type. i follow you on youtube so why not here too. goodluck! looking forward to your future blogs!


  6. I would definatley blog more if I were you!!

    Hey Dolls, and Guys!!
    follow my blog!
    and MORE!!